XP Ends Now

On the 8th of April 2014 support for Windows XP will end.  What does this mean for XP users, well numerous websites are already displaying compatibility notices stating that the website may not function correctly but the real concern will be security.

It is alleged that the criminal element are simply waiting for the XP deadline to pass and then release whatever new exploits they can knowing that there will be no fixes for them and XP systems will forever be exposed to them.  Only time will tell if this comes to pass but I certainly wouldn’t want to take the risk.

Main Problems

No more updates of critical fixes from Microsoft.
Websites may not work correctly or load properly.
New software will no longer be made for XP systems.
Current working software may no longer be updated on XP systems.

 Will my Antivirus Protect Me?

Yes, up to a point, you will still get protection from your Antivirus software but it may not stop certain attacks and it’s quite possible that an attack could disable the protection anyway .  The longer the user is on XP the greater the risk of getting compromised.

What to do

The only real solution is to move on, staying on XP is asking for trouble especially if you do on-line banking for example.
First step is to see if your current system can be upgraded. If it is over 5 years old then it probably cannot and you will be looking at getting a new system.
If your system is under 5 years old then you can upgrade your operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8, be aware though the upgrade process will delete everything on your system so back it up first.

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