Wow long time since last post

I really do admire those that can write a blog every day or at least 3 times a week.  I can barely do it once every six months!

2013 was a good year for my business, it has been growing steadily every year and last year was the busiest, so what does 2014 have in store.  Well for starters my wife has to have heart surgery which will no doubt have quite an impact when the operation goes ahead but aside from that, tech-wise I think we will see a rise in wearable gadgets especially glasses if the price point is right but I’m not so sure the interactive watches will take off.

4K televisions are already here and I expect them to become more popular this year despite no sign of 4k broadcasts for some time and the slow broadband still prevalent in a lot of places, I was amazed how quickly 3D TV became mainstream shortly after release and I can see the same happening again although this time I don’t expect the format to dwindle like 3D has.

XP is still being used in a lot of places, the numbers are slowly decreasing but come the cut off date in April I suspect a lot of users will carry on and that includes school’s and businesses and it’s not just XP, already I have come across Internet Explorer management issues on networks running Windows Server 2008R2 because group policy only recognizes Internet Explorer 8 or below and no the IE template add-ons will not work despite various opinions on the Internet saying it will.


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