Windows XP will live on for many users

As of today a massive 39% of all desktop computers are still using Windows XP.  Many of these systems are in businesses and many companies have suggested that they will continue to use XP systems after the cut off date of 8th April 2014.

This is pretty alarming news and despite the security risks it seems businesses are very reluctant to make the transition to Windows 7 or 8, indeed one of my clients has openly said they will use XP after April 2014 despite my concerns.  What are the reasons, could it be the data migration, staff training or simply the costs involved?

For most businesses it’s not just the operating system that is involved, it’s very likely the systems will be several years old and too weak to run Windows 7/8 and therefore the company will have to fork out for a completely new IT overhaul.  How many firms in this economic climate can cough up tens of thousands of pounds just so they can use Windows 7/8?  Many will stick with XP systems as their staff know it and there will be no big spend to worry about.

The main driver I feel that will push firms to upgrade will eventually come from software incompatibility issues and if Microsoft can be more generous with their upgrade discounts.  Currently the discounts are not enticing enough, lets hope as 2014 gets nearer Microsoft can give companies further incentives.


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