Windows 10 here soon

No Windows 9?

Well what happened to calling it Windows 9, apparently there is still no conclusive reason but the considered view is that using Windows 9 could interfere with code that is used in software that looks for Windows 95 and 98. Amazingly there are lots of legacy software still in use today and quite possibly Microsoft has decide to play safe and not cause any upsets.

So Windows 10 is free.

This looks likely to be released in October/November time of this year although no firm release dates have been set just yet but the real big news is that Windows 10 will be free for existing Windows 7/8 8.1 users providing the upgrade is done in the first year of release.

This makes a lot of sense as the fortunes of Windows 8 has been rather poor and not the great platform Microsoft was hoping it would be.  The biggest problem for Microsoft is that many people and businesses find Windows 7 too good to move away from, it’s easy to use and rock solid and supremely supported by developers so to get them to move you are going to have to entice them away.

The Changes – The start menu is back

Possibly the biggest reason so many people hated Windows 8 was the disappearance of the Start Menu, personally I quite liked the change but it was minority view so now it has came back from the cold.  You’ll see from the above screenshot that it has undergone some changes and now incorporates the good old fashioned program list as well as the App screen from Windows 8 which can be customised to how you want it.


This is Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Siri, a digital assistant that is voice activated to find anything you want or set reminders.  It is already in use on Windows Phone and will now be incorporated into Windows 10 on all systems, it’s designed to be more than just a search engine it can for instance remind you to call somebody but also remind you what the call is about.

System Awareness

Apparently it is rumoured that Windows 10 will detect if the system it is being installed on is touch screen enabled such as a tablet and then install certain features to take advantage of that and similarly if it detects it is being installed on a desktop then it will install features more suited for a mouse and keyboard.  A major issue with Windows 8 is that it was more suited to use on a touch screen device rather then a traditional monitor with a keyboard and mouse input.

Can Download Now

Windows 10 in its early format is available now but it is not fully featured and should only be used for testing purposes.  If you are comfortable running virtual machines or have a spare system to use then give it a whirl, I’ll be doing the same in a few weeks.

Windows 10 Download Link Here —> Download



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