PC Sales dropping like flies

Are we witnessing the start of the end of the PC?  No, I don’t think so but the PC is no longer the force it was for computing and its on a slow demise to being a secondary system in the home and business.

Why the downturn?

Several factors are in play but crucially the main influence is the rise of the tablets, sales of tablets are mushrooming and on a steady upward path, smartphones too are eating into the roles that once belonged to PC’s, couple this with the ongoing global economic problems which is holding back companies from updating their systems and you have which could be called a slump.  HP have just posted a 24% drop in sales when compared to last year.

What about Windows 8?

This was supposed to increase PC sales but obviously it hasn’t, so is Windows 8 a failure?  Currently it enjoys 3% of the global market which is below market expectations but ahead of Linux and Apple Macs in 6 months since its launch.  Still Microsoft will be disappointed and somewhat concerned as there are no signs of an upturn in sales.

Looking Ahead

Its all about smartphones and tablets and I can’t see that changing , sales will continue to outperform desktop pc’s and increasingly so, laptops will continue do well so long as they can still do the jobs that tablets cannot but that is going to change, the Surface Pro is a powerful laptop condensed into a tablet and you have the hybrids, a laptop/tablet transformer.  We are changing how we use technology and consume data, companies are going to have to transform themselves to stay in the game.


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