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I’m not a great one for all this blogging malarkey, some can post every day no matter what but I guess I either don’t have the patience (ironic as I sit at a screen for hours at a time doing repairs) or it really just doesn’t grab me to post as often as I should.

Anyway er indoors is progressing very well after her heart op, she is some way behind schedule as it looks as though her breastbone hasn’t healed properly so it will be another op after Christmas, very frustrating for her but a small set back in the grand scheme of things.

Back to the subject of computers I have been teaching at several primary schools this new ‘Hour of Code’ which is all about programming computers. Obviously it’s all done at a simplistic level but I was shocked that even 4-5 year old’s have to start learning about programming. Why you may ask? Well by the time our youngest reach the age to leave school there could be a chronic shortage of skilled programmers so the government in their wisdom have introduced the new hour of code curriculum for pupils. It’s too early to say if this will provide a rich talent in the years to come but I can’t help feeling that we are pushing technology too early and too fast on our infants.

That being said I have had some great fun doing the lessons, god knows if I can provide enough material until July??
I do not envy the teachers!

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