Beware New Laptops

I am increasingly coming across clients that have bought new laptops that are completely underpowered and are performing very slowly. This is very frustrating for me because it means they have bought a system that is poor value for money and will be frustrating for the users after a few months or sooner because their ‘upgrade’ will only be temporary… Read more →

Vista can’t get IP Address

Yes Vista is getting quite old now but I have many clients still on this operating system and for a couple of them I was stumped on one issue, no ip address.  No matter what I tried I couldn’t get a connection, eventually I would manage a LAN connection but never wireless and its a bit of a bind if… Read more →

PC Sales dropping like flies

Are we witnessing the start of the end of the PC?  No, I don’t think so but the PC is no longer the force it was for computing and its on a slow demise to being a secondary system in the home and business. Why the downturn? Several factors are in play but crucially the main influence is the rise… Read more →

Windows XP will live on for many users

As of today a massive 39% of all desktop computers are still using Windows XP.  Many of these systems are in businesses and many companies have suggested that they will continue to use XP systems after the cut off date of 8th April 2014. This is pretty alarming news and despite the security risks it seems businesses are very reluctant… Read more →

MS Office Service Pack updates fail to install

I’ve lost count how many times this always fails to install using Windows Updates, usually I resort to uninstalling the complete Office software and then extracting it to a folder, next I download the required update and place that in the same folder and then go through the set up procedures.  This behaviour seems to affect Office 2007 and above… Read more →

Windows 7 and the Desktop ini file

Windows 7 and the Desktop ini file

I look after a fair number of networks and gradually these are moving on to Windows 7 from good old XP.  One said network I built from scratch was with a 2008R2 server with XP clients, all working great with no issues. Soon, some Win 7 laptops appeared on the scene and setting them up was no bother.  However on… Read more →