Windows 10 here soon

Windows 10 here soon

No Windows 9? Well what happened to calling it Windows 9, apparently there is still no conclusive reason but the considered view is that using Windows 9 could interfere with code that is used in software that looks for Windows 95 and 98. Amazingly there are lots of legacy software still in use today and quite possibly Microsoft has decide… Read more →

Hour of Code

I’m not a great one for all this blogging malarkey, some can post every day no matter what but I guess I either don’t have the patience (ironic as I sit at a screen for hours at a time doing repairs) or it really just doesn’t grab me to post as often as I should. Anyway er indoors is progressing… Read more →

A Bit Behind – wife heart op

Many thanks to everyone asking about the other half, the operation went very well with some complications. The surgeon said the heart valves were some of the worst he had seen in his career and replacing them was ‘problematic’. The job is now done and the recovery begins. Consequently I am running behind with my work schedule but with the… Read more →

Remote Software Monitoring System – A Con?

Remote Software Monitoring System – a Con for Residents? Recently I have come across something which I find a bit disturbing.  Some new clients who are elderly with very limited computer knowledge called upon me for my services and as usual I fixed whatever was wrong at the time.  Sitting in the corner of the system tray I noticed a little spider type… Read more →

Beware New Laptops

I am increasingly coming across clients that have bought new laptops that are completely underpowered and are performing very slowly. This is very frustrating for me because it means they have bought a system that is poor value for money and will be frustrating for the users after a few months or sooner because their ‘upgrade’ will only be temporary… Read more →

XP Ends Now

On the 8th of April 2014 support for Windows XP will end.  What does this mean for XP users, well numerous websites are already displaying compatibility notices stating that the website may not function correctly but the real concern will be security. It is alleged that the criminal element are simply waiting for the XP deadline to pass and then… Read more →

Wow long time since last post

I really do admire those that can write a blog every day or at least 3 times a week.  I can barely do it once every six months! 2013 was a good year for my business, it has been growing steadily every year and last year was the busiest, so what does 2014 have in store.  Well for starters my… Read more →

Vista can’t get IP Address

Yes Vista is getting quite old now but I have many clients still on this operating system and for a couple of them I was stumped on one issue, no ip address.  No matter what I tried I couldn’t get a connection, eventually I would manage a LAN connection but never wireless and its a bit of a bind if… Read more →

PC Sales dropping like flies

Are we witnessing the start of the end of the PC?  No, I don’t think so but the PC is no longer the force it was for computing and its on a slow demise to being a secondary system in the home and business. Why the downturn? Several factors are in play but crucially the main influence is the rise… Read more →

Windows XP will live on for many users

As of today a massive 39% of all desktop computers are still using Windows XP.  Many of these systems are in businesses and many companies have suggested that they will continue to use XP systems after the cut off date of 8th April 2014. This is pretty alarming news and despite the security risks it seems businesses are very reluctant… Read more →